Guiding InsurTech Teams to 
Define a StrategyDevelop Partner Ecosystems and Go-To-Market

Coaching for Insurtech teams that brings together expertise from the Insurance industry and Technology.





Competing in The Insurance Industry With New Technology Is A Huge Challenge

  • Does your team lack credibility and expertise in the Insurance Industry?
  • Could you know more about the industry to generate investor and customer confidence?
  • As a startup are you struggling to communicate the value of your offering and how it applies to the Insurance marketplace?
  • Lacking clarity about the Real Market Value of your service offering?
  • Do you have seed funding but no clear strategy about the most efficient way to go-to-market?
  • Need assurance identifying the perfect Partner Ecosystem to help you scale?


Give Your InsurTech Team
The Knowledge and
Expertise It Needs to Thrive

01. Secure Funding – Seed to Serie

02. Build the Ideal Partner Ecosystem

03. Solidify Your Go-To-Market Strategy and Messaging

04. Grow the Number and Size of Revenue Opportunities

05. Create Your Exit Strategy

Meet Your Guide: Rich Ward

In InsurTech, gaining credibility with clients and investors to optimize every opportunity is what you want. To make that happen, you need a trusted guide who has proven success introducing technology to the Insurance marketplace.

We get it. Rich Ward is a well-connected Insurance veteran having spent years inside the industry, as well as leading digital transformation for many of the largest technology providers globally and helping startups and global corporations launch into the industry.

Our decades of InsurTech experience implementing clear and influential messaging for prospects and investors, will give you the credibility and confidence you need.

Working with the 5 Wards team is easy. Schedule a consultation and you’ll be on your way to setting yourself up for success in InsurTech. 


A Better Way To Launch and Grow Your Insurtech Success

1. Schedule a Consultation

During our consultation we’ll identify opportunities to help you grow.

2. Create Your Roadmap

Based on where you are, we’ll prepare a preliminary go-to-market strategy to jumpstart prospect, partner ecosystem, and investor engagement.

3. Get Funded & Grow

Watch your revenue and efficiency soar. You’ll accelerate growth faster than you ever thought possible.